Hakeem Shittu
Callie Query


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Release Date
September, 2006

Absurdities, Scandals & Stupidities in Politics

Absurdities, Scandals & Stupidities in Politics
  • An ex-president crashes into an elderly pedestrian while driving drunk.
  • A congressman beats a colleague senseless in the Capitol building.
  • A presidential candidate dares the press to expose his affair and is promptly exposed.
  • A district attorney prosecutes himself at taxpayer's expense.
  • A politician has his identical twin stand in for him at public functions.

You might be surprised to find that none of this is fiction. These are all actions by individuals voted into our public institutions.

In this book, authors Hakeem Shittu and Callie Query meticulously chronicle these tales of adultery, deception, drugs, murder, sex, stupidity, theft and treason as practiced by American politicians. The nonpartisan effort spans the formative days of the republic through recent times, relentlessly exposing political misdeeds and misquotes along the way. The result is sure to evoke laughter, shock, and amazement at the antics of those "esteemed" individuals that we elect to our public offices.


  1. Founding Fathers
  2. Mr. President
  3. The Veep
  4. White House Hopefuls
  5. The Cabinet
  6. The Bench
  7. Congress
  8. The Fourth Branch
  9. State Level
  10. Local Politics
  11. God, The Devil & Everything In-Between

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